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NDI HX Camera mod apk is a new app that allows you to use your smartphone as a camera. You can take pictures and videos with the help of this app.
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August 11, 2022
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Introduction of NDI HX Camera mod apk:

NDI HX Camera mod apk is a new app that allows you to use your smartphone as a camera. You can take pictures and videos with the help of this app. The NDI HX Camera mod apk works on most phones, including iPhones and Android devices. If your phone does not have an internal camera, you will need to install this app before taking photos or recording videos.

This app has many great features that stand out from similar apps today. These include the ability to take photos and videos in different resolutions and an option to focus on specific areas of your subject when taking a picture or video. You can also select the color tone and lighting options for your images and videos, which makes them more interesting for viewers who are watching them on their computer screen or TV screen.

NDI HX Camera mod apk also has some advanced features, making it one of the best options available today. For example, you can add filters to your photos or videos to appear more colorful and realistic than you would if you used your phone’s built-in camera without any adjustments.

How Does it work?

The primary function of this app is to convert your images into a high-quality 3D model. The process is quite simple:

  1.  Take a picture of your subject, preferably in good lighting conditions. The most important thing is that you must take a photo of clean background and no obstacles in the way!
  2.  After taking the photo, select it from the gallery and click on the “3D” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3.  Wait for a few seconds until the model is created and processed. When finished, you will get a new image in full resolution as well as an exported OBJ file (the format used by almost all 3D modeling software).

NDI Hx Camera is a powerful and user-friendly application for quickly recording videos in 4K. The app has a simple interface, which makes it easy to use even by beginners.

NDI HX Camera mod apk

Features of NDI HX Camera mod apk:

NDI HX Camera mod apk is a camera app that allows you to shoot pictures, record videos, and create beautiful images. NDI HX Camera mod apk is a handy app that anyone can use.

This app has many features, and it is easy to use. The primary purpose of this application is to help users take pictures and videos easily. This application also allows users to create beautiful images with ease.


Advance Video Quality using the latest H.265+ codec provides more precise, stable, and efficient video than ever.

New Live Preview Technology

View your footage in real-time while recording, without any delay or freezing issues;

Customized Video Settings

Easily adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels for your videos;

Customizable Recording Time

Get total control over how long you want your videos to last;

Real-time Smart Motion Detection

Automatically detect moving objects and pause recording when they enter the frame;

Audio Enhancements

Record audio and use the built-in audio editor to create custom soundtracks for your videos;

HDR Support

Capture HDR photos with a single tap on your device’s camera button (available in some models only).

How to Install NDI HX Camera mod apk?

NDI HX Camera mod apk is the most popular application for the Android platform. It allows you to record high-quality videos. It is an effortless application that allows you to record videos from your phone or tablet, using your camera and microphone.

This application has a simple interface and works very quickly. The file size is small and does not take up much space on your phone or tablet. After installing this app, you can use it without any problems. You must select “Record Video” in your menu, click on “Start,” and then wait until the recording finishes.

Installing the NDI HX Camera mod apk is very simple. You will get the app downloaded on your mobile phone.

  1. First, you must find and download the app on your mobile phone.
  2. Then, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and check it.
  3. After that, click on the file manager and search for the downloaded app.
  4. Once you have found it, tap on it and install it.
  5. Now, open the downloaded app and enjoy!

NDI HX Camera mod apk


NDI HX Camera mod apk is a great application that you can use to edit your videos. You can use this app to make your videos look better and more professional. This app is top-rated among people who want to make their videos look great.

NDI HX Camera mod apk offers many features that will help make your videos look better and more professional. These features include filters, transitions, titles, and other things.

It has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide, and they love it because it allows them to change their videos according to their needs and preferences. They can easily change the video’s color or even add filters or stickers on top of it.

It is available for free download, so you don’t have to pay any money to download it from other websites or apps that offer this kind of service. All you need is an internet connection so that you can download your favorite app from the internet without any hassle at all!


Q: What is NDI HX Camera mod apk?

A: NDI HX Camera mod apk is the modified version of the official application. It has some extra features that are not available in the original version.

Q: Is it safe to install NDI HX Camera mod apk?

A: Yes, installing and using NDI HX Camera mod apk on your device is entirely safe. We have tested it thoroughly before publishing it on our site.

Q: Can I use this app on my rooted device?

A: You can use this app on your rooted device, but you may get some issues while using it because of rooting support.

Q: How can I get this app for free?

A: You can download it by clicking on the link above.

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