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Hello Neighbor mod apk is a game that has captured the world's attention. It is a horror movie where you play a security guard who must protect his family from an unknown intruder. The game has been called "one of the best" for Android and iOS devices.
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Jun 19, 2022
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Introduction of Hello Neighbor mod apk

Hello Neighbor mod apk is a game that has captured the world’s attention. It is a horror movie where you play a security guard who must protect his family from an unknown intruder. The game has been called “one of the best” for Android and iOS devices.

The game’s main protagonist is an American security guard named Grant Wilson, who lives in a quiet neighborhood with his wife and young son. One day, Grant receives a call from his boss at work asking him to check out some suspicious activity outside his house. He drives to the location, only to find it deserted. However, when he returns home, he finds that the house next door has been completely ransacked and filled with blood!

Hello Neighbor mod apk allows players to explore the world of Hello Neighbor without paying any money — no ads, no in-app purchases, or anything else!

The game was first released for PC in 2013 and then for mobile devices in 2017 by Fireside Games. This version has all-new features such as more levels and new gameplay mechanics that make it even more challenging!

How Does it work?

Hello Neighbor is a game developed by Bplus Games and Published by Adult Swim Games. It was released on May 15, 2018.

The gameplay of Hello Neighbor is quite simple; you have to protect your house from being attacked by a neighbour. The game will then let you choose from different modes of play and select the best way that suits your needs.

There are three different modes of play in Hello Neighbor:


In this mode, you must protect your house from being destroyed by the neighbor or his friends. You will also have to use various weapons to fend off the attackers.


In this mode, there are no enemies or friendly AI characters for you to interact with, so it’s about surviving as long as possible without losing any health points or injuries.

 Puzzle Mode

This mode requires players to solve puzzles throughout the game, which will unlock new locations to explore and new weapons to use against enemies or their friends.

Hello Neighbor mod apk

Features of Hello Neighbor mod

Hello Neighbor mod apk is a horror game where you must be very careful and stay away from the neighbor. It would help if you kept an eye on him because he is also a murderer and an artist.

The game has many features that make it enjoyable. You can play it with your friends or with strangers on the Internet. You can choose any mode: story, challenge, or survival mode.

In the story mode, you will play a detective investigating strange things happening in your neighborhood. The characters you meet are real people from society who the murderer has killed.

In challenge mode, you will have to complete different tasks to help solve the case of the murders that take place in your town every day. In survival mode, there are also many tasks for you to complete to save yourself from being killed by your neighbor or his friends.


  • Unlocked all the levels.
  • Unlimited coins.
  • Unlocked all the costumes.
  • All the characters are unlocked (except for the Police).
  • All the levels are unlocked (except for the first level).
  • It does not require an internet connection.

How to Install Hello Neighbor apk?

Hello Neighbor mod apk is the app that allows you to play the game using your smartphone. It is a fun game that will make you feel good and relaxed. If you are looking for a different kind of game, this is it!

The game is simple, but it’s very addictive and challenging. It would be best to hide from your neighbor, who is trying to find and kill you. The more time passes without being seen, the higher your score will be.

You can choose between two modes: easy and regular. Inaccessible way, the enemy won’t be able to see you on his first visit; however, in normal mode, he will be able to see you from the beginning and try harder than ever!

1. Download Hello Neighbor Mod apk from the given link above.

2. Go to Settings > Security and Enable Unknown Sources option.

3. Go back to your downloaded file and click on it to begin the installation process.

4. Wait for a few seconds as the installation process begins, and you will see a success message on your screen when it is done.

5. That’s it! You have successfully installed Hello Neighbor Modded APK on your Android device

Hello Neighbor mod apk


Hello Neighbor mod apk is a game that stands out from the crowd of horror games. The game is set in a house and requires you to advance through each room to find your way back out. You can also use items and weapons as you see fit to defend yourself against the many dangers that await you.

The game is not particularly difficult, but it can sometimes be challenging to navigate. The graphics are good, but it does suffer from the same problem as many other horror games: the sound effects can grate on the ears after a while.

Overall, Hello Neighbor mod apk is not one of the best mobile games, but it provides entertainment for those looking for something different from their usual fare. It is the first game of its kind, a truly terrifying experience that lets you play as an ordinary guy who lives next door to a serial killer.

The game has been designed to be played in single-player mode, but if you want to play with others, you can do so via online multiplayer.

You can download Hello Neighbor mod apk from our website by clicking on the button below. Download Link and Install apk file from any Android device or computer with an internet connection.


1) Is Hello Neighbor mod apk safe?

It is 100% safe to download and install on your Android device. This modded version of the game has been tested and verified by our experts.

2) Is it free?

Yes, you don’t have to pay anything for downloading and installing the modded apk file on your android phone or tablet. The game is entirely free for all users.

3) How can I get Hello Neighbor mod apk for my Android device?

You can easily download and install this modded game version from our website. Just follow the instructions given above.



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