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GTA Mod Apk is one of the most popular Android games. The Rockstar Games company developed this app.
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April 13, 2019
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What is GTA Mod Apk?

GTA Mod Apk is one of the most popular Android games. The Rockstar Games company developed this app. You can download this app free from this page. This app has been installed 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 times on google play store. GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto. The game has many fans worldwide, and they are eagerly waiting for its new version to come out.

GTA mod apk is the android version of the GTA game, which is available for android users to GTA. The android version of the game is not much different from the other version, but it has been developed especially for android users. Unfortunately, Android does not allow you to install any additional application on your android device if that application or app is already available for another platform.

This means you can only install applications on your android device available for Android and not for P.C. or any other platform. But you don’t have to worry about this because there are lots of applications available on the internet which can make your android device look like a P.C. There are some applications that will let you run another platform’s application on your android device.

You can easily install any GTA mods on your android device by downloading its apk file and installing it into your device by following a few simple steps. Here in this article, I will share a detailed guide on how you can download and install GTA mods on your android device.

GTA Mod Apk


GTA Mod Apk is an Android game made by Rockstar Games. It was released on 29th September 2013. This game is free to play, and you can download it from the following link. The game was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is available for Play Station 3 and Play Station 4.

The game was developed on the RAGE engine used in other famous games like Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, etc. The game takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos, which is based on the actual life city of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, gangs have taken over the city, and violence has become a part of everyday life here. When the player starts playing, he gets to choose one of three main characters trying to rise through the ranks of all these gangs to take control of the town finally.

Features of GTA Mod Apk:

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most sold video game titles worldwide. The game was developed and published by DMA Design, which was later known as Rockstar North Limited. The game has been released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Gameboy Advance, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo D.S. platforms.

Grand Theft Auto is a crime game where the player can do whatever he desires in a free-roaming environment of the city of Los Santos. You can either play it as a good guy or a bad guy. There are many features of GTA Mod Apk that make it a huge success.

The main features of GTA Mod Apk include:

  •  In-game character customization: You have the option to customize your character as you like with all sorts of clothing, tattoos, hairstyles, masks, etc.
  • High-quality graphics: The graphics and texture details of the game are perfect for an open-world game like GTA.
  • Free-roaming: You get to roam freely in Los Santos city with access to the public transport system, including trains, buses, etc.
  • Multiple gameplay modes: There are various modes available, including single-player mode, multiplayer mode, and online mode, with different missions to complete each way.
  • Low system requirement: Even if you have an older P.C. or laptop

With the help of modding, you can enjoy all the features offered by this game in your system without any issues.

How to Install GTA Mod Apk?

Installing the downloaded apk file is the same as installing any other apk. You can follow our guide on how to install apk files.

After you download the apk file, follow these steps to install GTA mod apk on an Android device:

  1.  Enable the “Unknown sources” option on your Android device. If this option is disabled, go to your Android phone Settings -> Security and enable the option. Trust me; it’s for your safety. 
  2. Now open the file manager app, locate the downloaded GTA apk file and tap it. 
  3. After tapping the APK, you’ll see a window asking to Install or Cancel. Tap “Install,” and wait till installation completes. Once installed, you can find it in the app drawer of your Android phone or tablet. 
  4. That’s all! Pretty simple and easy, right? Enjoy!


GTA mod apk is one of Android’s most popular and unique games. This game is a traditional game for Android. You can download this application with an in-app purchase too. You can install this game on the android device anytime, anywhere, through the internet. This game is free for all types of android devices, and you can play this game on your Android device freely.

This game is not having any difficulties downloading and playing. It’s a very easy-to-use and play type of game. In this game, you have to choose one character you want to play with. There are many characters in GTA Mod Apk that you can choose that are police, black person, white person, and many other surfaces. After choosing your personality, you will enter into the city where there are many traffic lights on every road.

You have to stop your vehicle at every traffic light and take care of other vehicles coming from different routes to save your life from danger. If you’re going the wrong way, then there is no need to worry because there is a rewind button available in this game that allows you to go back to the previous stage when you want to continue your mission or else if you’re going to change your character then also it’s possible. 

GTA Mod Apk


Q: What is GTA Mod Apk?

A: GTA Mod Apk is an android application that can change the graphics in the game GTA. It’s a massive collection of mods, and it works on every device with android 4.0 or higher. The pictures are perfect, but you need to have a decent graphics card to work well. It does most of the work for you, but you still have to download some files. This app also has an excellent installation feature. The installation of these mods is easy and quick; it takes less than 5 minutes to finish.

Q: Is there a limit for the number of times I can install the Mod Apk? 

A: No, you may install and uninstall as many times as you want. As long as the version is still the same, you can always reinstall it on your device.

Q: Is it free? 

A: Yes, it is free to download and play. You can enjoy all the game features without paying any cent.

Q: Is it an open world? 

A: Yes, GTA Mod Apk is an open-world game. But the world will be limited in the early stage so that you can be familiar with the game easily. The world will be expanded gradually as your level goes up

Q: Are there social elements? 

A: Yes, in GTA Mod Apk, you can make friends with other players. You can team up, confront or chat with other players anywhere in the city. There are also cool mini-games such as bowling, darts, and a pool waiting for you to join in for fun!

Q: Can I do some missions? 

A: In GTA Mod Apk, you have many missions to do. Some are easy, and some are difficult. If you want to complete all of them, you will have a lot of fun in the game!

Q: How long does it take to finish the game? 

A: That depends on how good you are at this kind of game and how much time you spend playing it every day.

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