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Battery Saver mod apk is the best option to protect your battery from overcharging, overheating and extending its standby time.
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3.2.13 (3057)
April 6, 2022
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What is Battery Saver mod apk?

Battery Saver mod apk is the best option to protect your battery from overcharging, overheating and extending its standby time. This is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It’s a simple app that helps you make your device run longer by turning off unnecessary apps when not in use and preventing the battery from being overcharged.

It has been developed to save maximum power and reduce unnecessary charging time. It helps you save battery power by keeping you informed about your device’s current status, such as its battery temperature, charge level, remaining charge time, and many other things.

The app also shows the estimated time left before your phone gets fully charged and how much it needs to charge before it dies out. It also allows users to customize their settings according to their preferences, such as choosing a specific colour scheme or setting an auto-lock feature on specific apps.

Battery Saver also offers various widgets which display useful information such as battery temperature, current charge level, remaining charge time left before full charge and many more things right at your fingertips!


Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer and can help you get up to 50% more battery life for your Android phone! With Battery Saver’s smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy charge stage features, you can solve battery problems and extend your battery life.

Battery Saver is the simplest and easiest way to keep your Android phone working well when needed and protect against poor charging, battery hogging apps, and overlooked device settings that shorten your battery life.

Battery Saver mod apk

Features of Battery Saver mod apk:

Battery Saver mod apk is an Android application that lets you manage your battery efficiently. It adds many features to your phone that helps save battery power and reduce battery drain. It also enhances the performance of your device, which makes it run smoothly even when the battery level is low.

The app works by showing you how much power each application consumes and then suggesting ways to improve its efficiency. For example, if you notice that your screen brightness is too high, you can lower it down by using the brightness slider or set it to auto-adjust according to ambient light levels. You can also set up profiles for different apps based on when they need to be active and inactive.

The app has a lot of other features, too, including:

  • Battery usage history, so you know what apps are using up the most juice
  •  Battery life remaining calculator which helps predict how much time you have left before having to recharge again
  • A widget for easy access from anywhere in Android without having to launch into another app (only available on certain devices)
  • Battery saving mode for your device.
  • This app will help you to save battery by reducing screen brightness.
  • This app will help you save battery by turning off the screen when you put your phone in your pocket or laying on the table.
  • This app will help you save battery by stopping apps from running in the background for a long time.

How to Install Battery Saver mod apk?

The Battery Saver app is very simple and easy to use. Install the Battery Saver mod apk on your android phone and then open the app. After opening the app, you will see some options like Performance, Energy & Power, Battery Information, Battery Calibration etc. To increase the battery performance of your android phone, simply click on the Performance option and activate all the features available in this section.

However, it may affect your phone’s performance, but it will surely increase the battery life of your android phone. To improve your android phone battery life, you can also change settings for different sections like Energy & Power, Battery Information, Battery Calibration, etc.

Step 1: Uninstall the previous version of this app from your device.

Step 2: Download the latest version of the Battery Saver mod apk from the link below.

Step 3: Enable the “Unknown Sources” option from Settings if it is not enabled by default.

Step 4: Tap on the downloaded APK to initiate the installation process.

Step 5: Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

That’s all. Start using Battery Saver for your device to manage your battery power efficiently without any hassle.


Battery saver is a great app for those who feel their phone battery is draining too fast. It is a free app that helps you save your battery. It has features like saving battery when the screen is off and saving battery by stopping apps from running in the background. You can also schedule when to run the app and how much power to use. This will help you save on your electricity bill!

Overall, the Battery Saver mod apk is a great app for those looking to increase their battery lifespan. The app has a simple design, and it is easy to use. You can save a lot of time by using this app, as you will not have to charge your phone every time you want to check something.

This app is recommended for everyone who wants to increase the battery life of their mobile devices.

Battery Saver mod apk


Can I have the premium version of this app?

A: Yes, you can have the Battery Saver mod apk download for free. We have provided the link to download this application in our article. You can also get the latest version of this app from our website.

Is it safe to use Battery Saver mod apk?

A: Yes, it is completely safe to use; and we have checked with all types of antivirus tools, and there are no issues found. There is no need to worry about your privacy as there are no ads or anything else which will affect your phone. You can download this app without any fear.

Does the Battery Saver mod apk work on all phones?

A: Yes, it works on all android devices. It is tested on almost all android phones, including the latest Samsung Note Series and Google Pixel Series.

Is there any limit on usage for a single device?

A: No, there is no limit on usage for a single device. It will work unlimitedly if you download it from our website.

Can I use the Battery Saver mod apk with my iOS device?

A: No, this mod apk works only on android devices at the moment. We do not know when it will be launched for iOS users, but we are working on launching it soon for them.

Battery Saver mod apk


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